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Gerald and Greg

'I can see a change in Dad, he seems much happier.'

Greg (Right), Gerald (Left)


Gerald's son, Murray shares his experience of how he saw changes in his father after he started to Homeshare.

Gerald's son says “Greg is charming and we could not have found anyone better suited. Dad’s demeanour changed almost straight away. Having someone in the home “24/7” made a vast difference, even though Greg works full time.

He took him shopping regularly and calls me often with updates. I can see a change in Dad, he seems much happier.

He enjoys the company, having someone around and they have become quite close.

None of this would have occurred without me finding out about Novus. All the Novus team were incredibly helpful, friendly and a pleasure to work with.They made the transition very smooth. There were no obstacles at all. Being an only child the responsibility was/is all on me. Now I have someone to share it with and keep an eye on Dad.

Feels like a weights been lifted off my shoulders and I will be eternally grateful to Novus and Greg. To be honest Greg is an “angel” and we feel very lucky to have met him.”

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