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An unforgettable experience

Homeshare is a programme that matches people who want help or support around the house with people who need accommodation and are willing to help. Our service helps people from all walks of life in need of an extra helping hand at home. They get opportunity to share life experiences and help each other in the process.

Do you know someone who needs a little extra support at home and would benefit from Homeshare?

Our staff have the experience, passion and sensitivity to provide a quality service, matching people successfully.

We are a time-tested Not-for-profit Charity and work tirelessly work to match our clients ensuring their needs are met. 


We ensure the utmost security for our clients with each Homesharer being assessed against our standards. We carry out enhanced DBS checks and reference checks as part of our safeguarding policy.

Homeshare allows older or vulnerable people to live independently at home by matching them with people who are looking for somewhere to live and are able to provide support in return for free or affordable accommodation (Homesharers).

Householders receive 10 hours of support per week with house tasks such as: cooking, DIY, doing the laundry, walking the dog, support with electronics and shopping. 

Homeshare provides companionship to older people in their own homes and gives peace of mind to their family reassuring them that their relatives are not alone as someone stays overnight with them.

Benefits of having a Homesharer:

  • Reduced risk of falls; better health and well-being for older people

  • Householders will receive 40 hours of support each month and can live independently

  • Householders are able to live in their home for longer

  • Provides peace of mind to family/friends knowing that the Homeowner is not living alone

How It Works:

Please click 'HERE' to download our step by step matching process.

How to Apply:

To complete an application for a relative, friend or client, please click 'HERE' to download the application form.

If you would like to submit a completed application form, please click 'HERE' or alternatively, you can email it to

More Information:

For more information about Homeshare, please visit our Householder page

For more information visit our FAQ

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