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An unforgettable experience

Homeshare is a programme that matches people who want help or support around the house with people who need accommodation and are willing to help. Our service helps people from all walks of life in need of an extra helping hand at home. They get opportunity to share life experiences and help each other in the process.

Gerald + Gregory

"Dec 2016. I was seeking option for my elderly father, who although being 90, is fairly fit and healthy for his age. After loosing his wife  in 2015 he had become quite lonely and I was in contact with various Care Charities to see what was available. It was Jewish Care that suggested Novus. It was me who did the research. Mum and Dad were married nearly 63 years when she passed away. She had been the “backbone” of the marriage and pretty much dealt with all their day to day affairs. Dad never had much to do with their “everyday life”, cooking and finances etc. When she passed away he was left fending for himself, something he had not done for many years. He was struggling to have any social life or be able to cook proper meals etc. I was having to check in on him daily and felt he was missing day to day company only watching the TV all the time. Probably a common situation." - Lee (Householder's son)

Poppy + Zebunessa

Originally looking for a house in London Poppy realised that Home sharing would best financially for her since she was entering the world of acting. Alongside the financial benefit the opportunity to aid someone else and enrich her own life appealed to her.

The two share many common interests (and dislikes) such as South Asian Cuisine and deep philosophical topics.

Poppy added that “a lot of people these days forget about older generations, but it’s so important not to let them be forgotten”.

Zebunessa had been living alone for over twenty-five years before opening up to the idea of home sharing and stated that she didn’t like the idea at first when presented to her by her two daughters.

Now Zebunessa enjoys the company of Poppy and is glad to open up her home to a “young, lively” housemate. She says that “not everyone will get this kind of company”, showing the benefit that home sharing can have on bridging intergenerational gaps and eradicating loneliness.

“I’d definitely recommend it to anyone because it’s so fulfilling. It’s given me a lot of happiness and compassion” says Poppy.

Anthony + Tom

We matched student nurse Anthony, 23, with Tom, 93. They share a four-bedroom house in Hatch End, North-West London. Tom, who has lived alone since his wife Mary died 11 years ago, says: ‘Homeshare has made a real difference as Anthony keeps me company.’ Anthony says: ‘It wouldn’t be feasible for me to live in London any other way.’ Despite their 70 year age difference, they are very respectful of each other, they eat together a few times a week and Anthony liaises with the family when needed. The biggest motivation for Tom to join the programme was to be able to live in the home he loves while at the same time keep his independence with Anthony as an extra helping hand.

Felicity + Bongi

Felicity tells us “It works really well for me as it means that I have the security of someone in the house overnight. It also gives my family peace of mind as I have someone to help me with the tasks I find difficult and also brings a bit of company in the evenings. Bongi helps me with the cooking and some light housework and I enjoy the company!” But what does Bongi, the homesharer think of the scheme? “If it is the right match, I think the scheme works really well. It’s about finding the right balance and getting to know the other person, it takes over a month to bond and decide to continue with the programme. It is important to get into it with your eyes and heart open. It is a great programme, but it is a commitment at the same time.” Felicity says that her family are very supportive of the programme describing Homeshare as “the ideal solution that helps people to remain in the home they love while at the same time enjoying the companionship and the live-in support they need”.

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