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What Is Homeshare?


  • Homeshare is an affordable service that matches people who have a spare room and require extra support around the house (Householders), with individuals looking for affordable accommodation and willing to provide help at home (Homesharers).

  • A Homeshare Agreement involves two people with different sets of needs, both of whom have something to offer.

  • Homesharers provide up to 40 hours of support each month, with tasks including cooking, DIY, doing the laundry, gardening, help with electronics, shopping and companionship.


  • Homeshare is an agreement between the Householder and the Homesharer and is facilitated by Novus Homeshare.

Housemates with 68 year age gap
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  • Live-in carer

  • Replacement for personal care support

  • Letting agency

  • Property rental

  • Bed and breakfast


At Novus, a match for us is more than finding someone who has a spare room, and then filling it. We put together an in depth profile for each client, taking note of as much information as we can to create a perfect match. Our aim is to create a unique match that will last, be beneficial for both parties and most importantly, make our clients happy.

Vetting System

A Homeshare coordinator will visit the householder's property to perform a risk assessment to make sure the spare room available is suitable for the Homesharer. Enhanced DBS checks and reference checks are also performed on the Homesharer to ensure the utmost security. Safeguarding training must also be completed.

Match Meeting 

Once a potential match has been established, the coordinator will arrange for a match meeting to take place. During this time the householder (and sometimes the householder's family) and the Homesharer will have the opportunity to meet each other to decide if they would like to proceed with the match. If both parties are happy with the match and decide to share, the coordinator will help to draw up an agreement.


Both the Homesharer and Householder will be contacted every month via phone by the co-coordinator to discuss their ongoing match. There is a home visit every 3 months that a co-coordinator will personally attend.

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