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An unforgettable experience

Homeshare is an innovative scheme that allows Householders to remain in the home they love, get an extra helping hand and share life experiences with our carefully selected Homesharers. We cover all of London (and surrounding areas) and provide a service tailored to your needs as we believe every match is unique.


  • A suitable match with similar interests and hobbies

  • Minimum of 10 hours of support each week

  • Companionship & friendship

  • Overnight security


A fee of £130.00 per month (approximately £4.28 per day).



As a Householder, you will receive up to 40 hours of support around the house each month. This may include tasks such as cooking, DIY, doing the laundry, gardening, help with electronics, shopping and companionship.


Our Homesharers are carefully assessed and selected with confidence. They are able to provide a sense of security by keeping an eye on the Householder and providing them with overnight protection.


Our team is passionate about creating long-term matches that are sustainable. By carefully reviewing your profile, we are able to match you with a Homesharer who has similar interests as you. They can offer companionship in the form of eating, cooking, socialising or watching the TV with you.


Householders are often people who would have to consider moving into assisted living rather than live alone, but just having a Homesharer there gives them the support they need to remain in the comfort of their own home.

Application Process

1. Download & Complete Application 

  • Please provide as much information as you can about your life style and help or support you are looking for.

2. Send us the Application

3. Risk Assessment

4. Evaluation & Selection

We will evaluate different Homeshare candidates and introduce you to the best two candidates, taking into consideration background, location and lifestyle

5. Final Agreement

  • Email the application form to 
  • Alternatively, you can post it to:

    Novus Homeshare, At Harrow Carers, 376-378 Pinner Road, Harrow, HA2 6DZ

A member of our team will schedule a suitable time to visit you in your home to get to know your needs and personality, whilst also performing a risk assessment, this is how we are able to find an ideal Homesharer for you. 

For more information visit our FAQ page

After choosing your Homesharer, we will draft the Homeshare agreements and guide you through the first stages of your Homeshare experience. We also liaise with family members, social services or carers.

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