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'We get on like a house on fire'

One of our lovely matches Florence and Alexandra were recently featured in an article by the BBC, focussing on the topic of loneliness. We are extremely proud of them both and are so excited to share their story.

Here's a little snippet:

What is it like living with someone from a different generation?

Florence: I've had different people over the years and you have to make the effort. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. At the moment it's working beautifully. We get on well together, which surprises me a bit because Alex comes from the North and I'm a Southerner!

Alexandra: We got on like a house on fire. I don't think it matters that we're from a different generation. We've got similar interests and I enjoy hearing about the things Florence can tell me from her early life and I think she enjoys hearing about what I'm doing on a day-to-day basis. My granny's going to be very excited because Florence has got me watching Coronation Street now, which I've resisted for many years!

(Becky Morton, BBC political reporter)

To read the full story, click HERE.

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