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An unforgettable experience

We welcome people from all walks of life, our most successful Homesharers are responsible, caring and friendly, they are willing to help another person for 10 hours a week and in return they get their own room and share facilities with the householder, for a very reasonable monthly fee.


  • A bedroom in a house that you can call home and access to other facilities.

  • A suitable match with similar interests/hobbies.


A fee of £199.34 per month (approximately £6.64 per day) and a one off placement fee of £100 once you are matched.


  • A bedroom in a house that you can call home and access to other facilities e.g. kitchen space etc

  • A suitable match with similar interests/hobbies.

  • Live in the heart of London for a fraction of the price of rent.


A fee of £200 per month (approximately £6.58 per day) and a one off placement fee of £100 once you are matched with a suitable householder. (Homesharers are subject to a £200 Deposit payment which is refundable).



We understand that purchasing a property or renting alone can be extremely expensive in London. As a Homesharer, you are able to reduce the costs of living in London by up to 80%.


Your safety is our top priority. We want you to move into a safe, quiet and comfortable environment, so our field team ensures rigorous risk assessments are carried out on houses before you move in.


Our Householders are full of surprises! With professions in education, presenting and engineering to name a few, there's never going to be a dull conversation. Gain some experience and to be part of something unique! See our testimonials for stories from some of our matches.


We want you to feel comfortable in a place that you can call home, whether you're with us for six months or six years. Our committed team are working around the clock to find you a suitable match with similar interests based on your unique profile.

Application Process

1. Download & Complete Application & Profile

  • Please provide us as much information as possible so that we can find you a suitable match.

  • Make sure you include the email addresses of your references.

  • Include a photo of yourself in the application.

2. Send us the Application

  • Email the application form to 
  • Alternatively, you can post it to:

    Novus Homeshare, At Harrow Carers, 376-378 Pinner Road, Harrow, HA2 6DZ

For more information visit our FAQ page

3. We'll Get In Touch

We aim to process applications within 2-3 days of receiving them. Once this has been completed, we will start the matching process to find a suitable Householder for you and will get in touch with you if we are successful.

If you would like some support and want to find more about being a householder click below.

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