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My First Year as a Homesharer

Last month we interviewed the amazing Alise Kirtley, celebrating her first year as Homesharer and this is what she said about her experience.

Why did you decide to Homeshare?

I wanted a good quality of life that I could afford and I decided to Homeshare, I was also going through personal changes as I was leaving a long term relationship and this was an ideal win-win option.

How did you find the matching process?

I found it incredible interesting, really worthwhile and it was until I went to the match meeting that I got a real feel of my current householder. I would recommend people not to judge people by their profile, it is essential to meet the householder.

We know that you have a very good relationship with your Householder, what would you say after your 1st year as Homesharer?

I feel that all the parties involved benefit from this agreement, me as younger Homesharer, my Householder and her family. I feel to certain extent that I have been adopted by the family and of course it is a responsibility but I am happy to take this responsibility.

We also know that you already work with people with dementia as consultant and freelancer, do you think your previous experience helped you to live with a Householder with dementia?

Yes, definitely but I have also learned a lot about dementia in the past year because living with someone with dementia has given me a broader knowledge of it.

How do you cope with all your responsibilities as freelancer/consultant and Homesharer?

I really don’t find it too much of a stress but it is about managing emotions, understanding the other person and keeping a balance between work, personal life and my role as Homesharer.

What would you advise to people who want to Homeshare?

It is a huge personal growth journey and a way to save money but actually it can be lonely living on your own, it is actually nice to share a meal with someone. Homeshare is a match made in heaven, there are so many older people that are lonely and isolated and a lot of younger people that can’t afford housing, so get in touch with Novus-Homeshare.

Alise Kirtley is also an amazing singer and songwriter, please listen to her HERE

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