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6 Reasons Why University Students Make Good Homesharers

Contrary to popular belief, students aren’t always wild and rowdy youths who are said to be difficult to live with, in fact many students who are looking for a quiet life in order to focus on their studies look to homeshare and are great to live with, not to mention it doesn’t affect your Single Person’s Council tax discount (if you have one) as being a student exempts them from this fee!

Here are 6 reasons why University students make great homesharers!

1) They’re eager and happy to help!

Despite the idea that students are often inexperienced with how to do simple house chores, it’s actually quite the opposite. Students are eager and happy to help, if there’s a job they are unfamiliar with, they will be willing to learn!

2) They’re always up for new experiences!

Students are used to the strange and unusual, they thrive for new experiences particularly ones that can lead to some great stories, so whether you enjoy knitting, watching documentaries or even going on trips, we’re sure we can find a student who shares an interest with you!

3) They are respectful and considerate, particularly when it comes to privacy!

Everyone likes their own privacy, and those who have experienced living with a bunch of people under the same roof know the importance of being respectful of eachothers personal space and being aware of how to conduct yourself in a manner than can help to a household being harmonious. Most students that come to us are looking to live away from the hustle and bustle of student housing and into a more calm and welcoming environment of home life. Students are respectful and considerate, and know when you give you privacy, mostly because they’re looking for the same things in return!

4) They can adapt quickly to most situations.

Being a student means you’re around other people from a range of backgrounds, cultures and religions. Everyone is different and a walk through the University campus can be a different experience every day. It’s safe to say that as a student you become accustom to many different situations and you learn to adapt to fit in as best as you can. Homesharing is a different experience but a challenge most will accept and successfully accomplish with the help of a great householder!

5) They usually have a flexible schedule.

Because different courses have different timetables, student homesharers aren’t always restricted to a schedule of Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm this may come in handy for householders looking for a homesharer who can be available during certain weekdays, for your everyday we can find a student whose schedule can be closely matched with yours! As long as you remain open, a student’s timetable may not be perfect but they can be ideal due to their flexibility.

6) They enjoy socialising and will enjoy exchanging stories with you.

The biggest part about homesharing is being able to have another person to socialise and share your stories with. Many students enjoy hearing about your great adventures and the common topic to be asked by students who either come from abroad or out of town is: ‘has this area changed since you first moved here?’ it’s fascinating to know the experiences a householder has had in the area the homesharing is living now and having this shared experience can make for a really great bond. Not only that but some students may even have their fair share of adventure stories to share with you!

Here at Novus Homeshare, we’ve had many success stories when it comes to Householders being matched with a student Homesharer.

A few months ago we matched a student Nurse, Anthony with a lovely gentleman called Tom. Tom was living in a home he had shared with his beautiful wife and children, unfortunately he was now living alone and had begun to feel lonely. When Anthony came along they instantly clicked and found a great connection in their search of companionship. As a student Nurse, Anthony found himself having a busy schedule during the periods when he was away on placement, but still found the time to regularly call Tom to make sure he was okay and see how his day was going. They enjoy sharing their stories of the week whilst having dinner together. From Homesharing Anthony has been able to have affordable accommodation whilst being able to provide another person with extra security and companionship, and for Tom he has found a new lifelong friend whilst staying in a home that is filled with cherished memories.

Anthony (Left), Tom (Right)

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