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"It's Been Fun" - Case Study from One of our Householders

Q: Tell us about you!

I originally started out doing theatre work then worked for a production company. In 1982 I started my own production company. My sharer works as a carer.

Q: How has sharing been?

We have been sharing for nearly five years and it has gone by so fast. It’s been very good, my sharer helps by cooking for me, doing light housework and helping me shop. We also socialise at the pub, cinema etc. It’s a lot like a regular flat share.

Q: What's one story from your experience you'd like to share?

We love hanging out together, one of our favourite things to is to go to the bar. My favourite time was going to the bar in Winter Wonderland. We also enjoy the cinema together, we have a similar sense of humour and enjoy watching comedies. Covent garden is also a place we like to visit together.

Q: What would you say to those who are considering Homeshare?

  1. Take on someone you really feel comfortable with.

  2. Maybe meet a couple times beforehand to become comfortable.

  3. It’s been fun!

Q: Any feedback you'd give us?

It’s all good! Thank you.

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