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"It's given me a lot of happiness and compassion"

Poppy & Zebunessa (By Sophie Davidson)

Novus match Poppy (Homesharer) & Zebunessa (Householder) shares an incredible story about friendship, loneliness and loyalty during their time on the Homeshare scheme with Refinery29 UK. The pair who were matched in February 2018 share a "special relationship" says Poppy.

Here's a short snippet from the article:

Another of Zebunessa and Poppy's biggest shared passions is food. The pair enjoy eating south Asian cuisine together, including curries made by Poppy, who is vegan, and samosas from Zebunessa's two daughters, who frequently drop off homemade Bangladeshi meals for their mother, who emigrated to the UK from the country in 1967. Until February, Zebunessa had been living alone, ever since her husband died suddenly in 1994, which was an increasing source of worry for her daughters. So they decided to sign her up for the scheme. "I didn’t like the idea at all [at first]," says Zebunessa, "but they said ‘Mum, it's for our benefit, you are doing this'."

Natalie Gil, Refinery29 UK

To read the full article, click HERE.

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