Our journey together

Homeshare is a programme that matches people who want help or support around the house with people who need accommodation and are willing to help. Our service helps people from all walks of life in need of an extra helping hand at home. They get opportunity to share life experiences and help each other in the process.

Novus - Homeshare is run by a registered charity No. 1143811, there are two parties involved in the Homeshare programme, the Householder who is the person that needs an extra helping hand at home and has a spare room to offer and the Homesharer a person looking for accommodation and willing to help at least 10 hours per week.

  • Homeshare is an affordable service that helps people in need of extra support at home. Homeshare allows them to keep their independence and share life experiences.
  • Homeshare has been very successful for older people that need companionship, people with special needs, single mothers and for people that care for others.
  • Householders receive 40 hours support a month with house tasks such as: cooking, DIY, doing the laundry, gardening, help with electronics, shopping and companionship.
  • Homeshare is an intergenerational programme that allows people help each other.
  • Homeshare provides companionship to older people in their own homes and gives peace of mind to their family reassuring them that their relatives are not alone as someone stays overnight with them.
  • Homeshare is a preventive service as loneliness can put individuals at greater risk of cognitive decline.
  • Homeshare reduces the cost of support services by up to 80%

Our Homesharers come from different backgrounds and walks of life. We carry out reference and DBS checks.

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“It’s fantastic, I don’t know
why someone hasn’t thought
of it before. We have
been very lucky with our
Homesharer and it's improved
my dad’s life 100% and made
my life more relaxed too!”
Family of Householder - Novus Homeshare 2017